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-->Glamour is glamour regardless of the decade. Yes, I do agree that our definition of today's Glamour is very different from when we hear “90's Glamour”. Regardless of the time, the essential

TGIF: Musical Madness! Under the Sea

Today, I thought I would share with you one song from one of my favorite movies as a kid The Little Mermaid! I was so obsessed with this movie as a little girl. I remember wanting the Little Mermaid

TGIF: Musical Madness! Metallica: Until it Sleeps S&M

Well hello again! I am pleased to bring you another installment of TGIF: Musical Madness! This week I bring to you some Metallica (one of my favorite bands!!). I secretly tell myself that I could

I am on TV!!!! Anna Bruce on Arlington Independent Media

What? That’s right, I was interviewed by AdiVideoPro for one of their “Behind the Lens” Documentaries. I feel so honored that I was asked by a friend of mine if I would be


One of the things I love about having the four seasons is being able to see mother nature transition for each one of them. Growing up in a warm country with no seasons, this is definitely a treat for

TGIF: Musical Madness! Closing Ceremony Inspired

Well, I am so sad that the Olympics are over. It’s back to work upstairs in the office. I cleared out my temporary desk of two weeks (dining table) and moved back upstairs to my semi-decorated

TGIF: Musical Madness! Tiesto vs. Metallica vs. Britney Spears

As I was driving down to North Carolina I was trying to think of this week’s blog entry for TGIF. I wanted to do something appropriate for the trip… So let me tell you how this post came

TGIF: Musical Madness! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “O’Children”

This one is for my Harry Potter fans So, I am not really a die hard fan of Harry Potter but I really enjoyed all the movies (minus the ending of the last one…). The Harry Potter series are

TGIF: Musical Madness! Music Fit to Seek, Destroy and Renovate

RAWWWRRR! Ok I just had to get that out. Before I start please be ADVISED that the following tunes are NOT PG-13, they are LOUD, potentially ANNOYING and most likely NOT WORK APPROPRIATE. If you are

TGIF: Musical Madness!

It’s Friday! Again! Wow how the week flies! This week on TGIF we have Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”.  Mom and dad, if you are reading this one is for you I was very, very young

TGIF: Musical Madness, Dance, Dance, What? Dance Central Baby!

So I love music, that may (or may not haha) be apparent by now On Thanksgiving break this past year I was introduced to Dance Central 2 by no other than my super cool big brother and his super

TGIF: Musical Madness, Virginia Beach Edition

In honor of being so very fortunate to second shoot a wedding for the amazing Liz Maryann AND having an engagement session at Virginia Beach I am sharing a couple songs that make me think of SUMMER

TGIF: Musical Madness!

Hello! I have been debating for a while to write a post on music because it is such a huge influence to who I am and how I function as a person. I realized while starting to put together that music

Who is that Behind the Camera?

Me… and Adam…. but 99.5% of the time its me. I am a Gemini… I was born on June 18th nineteen eighty something. If you look at the “about me” photos and then these, you

Do the Dew… with a Slight Taste of Apple :D

Throughout the year I have many favorite moments but I really do love Spring… but the very early part where things start to grow. Foggy/misty days like today are the best because of the

Friends and Family

Que linda amistad (What a beautiful friendship).  Gigi and I have known each other since we were about her daughter’s age (around 3). We met at L.E.A.P School in Caracas, Venezuela and would


Getting a new phone is always exciting but I don’t think I have been this excited about a cell phone EVER. We switched to smart phones last time we got new phones a little over two years ago.

Today is Our Day

We were complete geniuses for getting married on Valentine’s Day! Seriously, neither one of us will ever have an excuse to forget our anniversary AND the rest of the world is celebrating our

Snazzy in Gold

So, one of my “new year” resolutions (photo business lady-wise) was to share more about me, things I like, things on my mind etc. with my faithful followers   I made myself keep a couple

We Went to Mexico! Day 6: Happy New Year!

You are going to get a little bonus on this post We visited Le Kliff Restaurant for our New Year’s Eve Dinner. For those who don’t know this,  Adam and I got married at Le Kliff

A Place Called Home

A place called home is probably not what you think of when you see this photo… or maybe it is? Well, it is for me. A place called home for me, aside from the warmth of family, really means

Home Made Gnocchi with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

I love to cook. I love to cook. A lot. I really do. I also love to eat. This is another reason why I love to cook. My mom always made delicious meals for us when I was growing up. She loves to

A Year in the Making

On December 15th 2010 I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job to become a full time photographer. I started a photography business with a partner called Shuttergize, which turned out to be

Chistmas has arrived at the Bruce-Sweetser Residence

Another Christmas is around the corner and I honestly CANNOT believe how fast this year has gone. On December 15 2010 I quit my job to pursue photography full-time and now it’s almost December

Tea and Parallel Parking

I am trying this new thing where I tell you a bit more about me and my quirks and such so you get to know me better. I was going to start on January 1st, you know new year and all but then I thought,

Thank YOU George Mason University!

When I got the e-mail from my former photography professor asking me to give a presentation on my business I just about fell off my bouncy ball (the exercise ball I use as my office chair). Let me