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Awesome Monthly Topic! Hey DJ, Play my favorite song… I wanna dance all night long

I want to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Gavin O’Leary from Absolute Entertainment for putting together this month’s “Awesome Wedding Topic” with tips on selecting your DJ. It

Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic! Start Early, Keep Organized

This is more of a suggestion but one worth following. We took two and a half years to plan our wedding and this was mostly because we wanted a specific venue and date. We also wanted to make sure

Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic! TGIF Wedding Musical Madness

Lucky for me June 1st fell on a Friday so while trying to figure out this month’s topic I came up with the brilliant idea of combining it with the TGIF: Musical Madness series! So, I am going

Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic! What’s in YOUR wallet?

Okay, okay, okay… I used the catch phrase from Capital One (but they shouldn’t get tooooooo mad I am a client after all hehe). But back to the question, What’s in YOUR wallet? I

Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic! To 1st Look or Not to 1st Look…? That is the Question

To do a first look or to not do a first look… this is a topic that has caught my interest for my first Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic (Above: Jessica and Patrick’s Wedding shot with