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Alison Harper and Co: Vanity Fair Inspired Glamour Session

I am so very excited to share this blog post with you because I am still in awe that I photographed  Alison Harper herself with her sister. Who is Alison Harper you ask? She is a really awesome

2012: You’ve been soooo good to me! Holla! A year in review :D

The “year in review” post didn’t even come onto my radar until I started seeing a few “end of year” posts pop up on my Google Reader. I debated… meh I don’t

DC SMUG: All About Lights :)

I love being a part of the DC photography community. I know we are all in the business to stay in business and many business folks would not encourage hanging out and bonding with the

Snazzy in Gold

So, one of my “new year” resolutions (photo business lady-wise) was to share more about me, things I like, things on my mind etc. with my faithful followers   I made myself keep a couple

A Year in the Making

On December 15th 2010 I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job to become a full time photographer. I started a photography business with a partner called Shuttergize, which turned out to be

Have you met Kristen?

She’s full of spunk and is an aspiring Hot Topic model! When Kristen came over, I could have sworn that she was moving in. Instead, she opened her suitcase full of outfits! From Batman to her

Arriana is Opening Shop on Etsy Just in Time for the Holidays!

Rachel and I met in college. Rachel is an incredibly talented jewelry maker.  I first bought some beautiful green earrings after seeing photos of her creations on Facebook, last spring.  This past

300 Fans!

Woohoo! The Anna Bruce Photography Fan Page just hit 300 fans! Thank you for your love and support! Are you a fan?  <3

Standout! with a Standout Print

A standout print is a perfect frame-less option. It’s clean looking, contemporary and hangs directly on the wall with no additional hanging instruments (aside from a nail, hammer and measuring

Little Bags, Lots of Love

On my last website, I wrote a note on these awesome little bags. I am re-visiting the subject because I value anything and everything hand-made. In these bad economic times where many jobs are being

Linen Sample Albums are in!

Check these out! I just received my Linen sample photo albums (Pink 8×8 Linen Album and Red 4×4 Linen Album)! How exciting!


Here is the full set from the shoot I have been calling “Riley takes on D.C.” Enjoy!! <3

More of Riley Takes on D.C.

I was going to wait and post the whole set of Riley and Amber’s shoot but as I was editing I just HAD to post this one. I took this photo because the light in Riley’s eyes caught my

Riley Takes on Washington D.C.

Riley is a young model, Amber is a fashion stylist and I am a photographer. What do you get when you put all three together? Pure awesomeness! Here is a glimpse of our shoot from