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2012: You’ve been soooo good to me! Holla! A year in review :D

The “year in review” post didn’t even come onto my radar until I started seeing a few “end of year” posts pop up on my Google Reader. I debated… meh I don’t

TGIF: Musical Madness! The Octopus

I was driving home from an incredible dinner with Liz and Quynh when “We don’t take no sh*t” came on my iPod. Okay this is one of those catchy songs that is totally rad (it also

Guitarist and Hip-Hop Artist: Gary Rodriguez

Gary came to me shortly after Christine’s portrait session. He told me he loved the work I did for his girlfriend and asked me if I was available to do something similar for him How fun! Gary

Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic! TGIF Wedding Musical Madness

Lucky for me June 1st fell on a Friday so while trying to figure out this month’s topic I came up with the brilliant idea of combining it with the TGIF: Musical Madness series! So, I am going

TGIF: Musical Madness, Virginia Beach Edition

In honor of being so very fortunate to second shoot a wedding for the amazing Liz Maryann AND having an engagement session at Virginia Beach I am sharing a couple songs that make me think of SUMMER

TGIF: Musical Madness!

Hello! I have been debating for a while to write a post on music because it is such a huge influence to who I am and how I function as a person. I realized while starting to put together that music

A Year in the Making

On December 15th 2010 I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job to become a full time photographer. I started a photography business with a partner called Shuttergize, which turned out to be

300 Fans!

Woohoo! The Anna Bruce Photography Fan Page just hit 300 fans! Thank you for your love and support! Are you a fan?  <3

Standout! with a Standout Print

A standout print is a perfect frame-less option. It’s clean looking, contemporary and hangs directly on the wall with no additional hanging instruments (aside from a nail, hammer and measuring

Denise and LJ were Married September 3rd Part 1

I got the pleasure of photograping this amazing wedding at Bluemont Vineyards. This is not the first time I have taken photos for either one. LJ is a DJ/producer and Denise is a vocalist/song writer

Linen Sample Albums are in!

Check these out! I just received my Linen sample photo albums (Pink 8×8 Linen Album and Red 4×4 Linen Album)! How exciting!

Sons of the Old Dominion

I was so honored to co-ordinate this newly formed band’s first photoshoot. Sons Of The Old Dominion are a group of five awesome guys and are based out of Sterling, VA. Check out their Facebook


Here is one of the fliers from the Octo-Shoot a few weeks ago! Full of win! The Octopus is revamping their website “We Crush Sh*t” and I got to do the shoot for their new promotional

Connie Lingus ft. LJ MTX

She’s a singer and lyricist and he’s a DJ, composer and producer… put all this together and they form and explosive musical duo.  Connie needed some promotional photos for her

The Octopus, Donald Glaude and Dj Dan @ Fur

I got the pleasure of photographing all these musical talents at Club Fur in Washington D.C. last year. I am one lucky lady!!!   The Octopus, Donald Glaude and Dj Dan @ Fur  

Meet: The Octopus

The Octopus stopped by to get some fresh photos for their website and promo materials. We had a super fun time with this shoot. Here is a preview!