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DC Cherry Blossoms

This post, along with many others is past due (by many, many months). I continue to go to places and take photos but I am seriously sucking at editing; folders keep piling up on my desktop and my

On Gratitude

Today is my birthday and for the first time in weeks I just sat down and took a “chill pill”. I kept uttering to myself “today is my birthday and I am just going to do what I want.

Blowing Rock, NC

Last summer, my parents and I went to Blowing Rock, NC. It was so incredibly beautiful – a photographer’s paradise. I always feel bad for anyone who tags along with me when I have my camera. I really

Sugar Skull Glamour Fashion Photo Shoot

OMG! That’s all I have to say hahaha! Okay, this is a dream come true for me. Deep down I am an artist and that is what I have always been so being able to collaborate with other artists to

A Time for Change

This post is not an easy one to write.As you know, last year I transitioned to be a Glamour Portrait photographer only. I gave up my weddings and most of my lifestyle portraits too. As the year

At the Heart of Loss Lives Many Great Memories

-->I am in sincere disbelief as I write this post. My grandmother, Ines, passed away last night. The past three months have not been easy on my family. My uncle Dick passed away in October, my

Throwback Thursday: Halloween

I don’t make Throwback Thursday a consistent habit but since today is Halloween and I had a few people beg me to post some photos, I happily obliged Below are some Halloween photos through out

My Own Glamour Session

-->Amanda, I am so sorry I have not blogged about my session with you sooner.I debated for a long time whether to share these photos or not. I am not sharing all of them, but enough for you to see


-->Glamour is glamour regardless of the decade. Yes, I do agree that our definition of today's Glamour is very different from when we hear “90's Glamour”. Regardless of the time, the essential

Chicago, you were so fun!

As I sit here thinking about my trip to Chicago in July, I realize that I have 3 weddings left to photograph in my wedding career! 3! How crazy is that? I have been photographing weddings since 2007

In Chicago

I finally have internet access… I have been wanting to post a little something about my trip now for a few days but couldn’t! I come back in a few days but til then check out this

Donated my Hair to a Good Cause

This is the second time in my life that I have done this. Since I am quite frugal when it comes to getting my hair done, it was relatively easy for me to grow my hair out for 2.5 years. I love being

A Stroll in Washington D.C.

It was so nice when Adam and I decided to take an impromptu trip into Washington D.C. a couple weekends back. Since we live about 30 minutes outside the city we actually never go… You know,

Flowers and Pretty Things

I love rainy/drizzly days in the springtime because it leaves behind the most beautiful water droplets on plants and flowers. Last week it rained for a few days. In between drizzles I went out to

A Walk in the Park: Jones Point Park

So, I am super sad to say that it has been almost two weeks since I blogged something on here and I feel super guilty about it. Sowwyyyy :'( The cool thing is that I am excited to show you some

Tatto Glamour Session with a Touch of Boudoir Inspiration: Crysty

Swoon! I was so thrilled to photograph Crysty and all her awesome tattoos! Crysty is such a cool person! She came all the way from Richmond to be photographed by me. Crysty has a beautiful 6 month

Glamourous Things: Shoes and Flowers

This is a totally random post but mmm I love me some shoes! I don’t have as big of a shoes closet as most shoe loving ladies but I do have a sweet little shoe collection. So, as I was wondering

The DMV Area Had a Snow Day

Well, its been all over the news and Facebook today… “Snowquestration 2013″ …Hot one day, snow the next and thunderstorms on Monday… Well I was just really grateful when

The Rebrand of Anna D Bruce Photography is HERE!!!

--> Because when you open you mind... anything is possible.Because when you stop thinking and start feeling... anything is possible.Because when you start loving and stop hating... anything is

Be Inspired

I am going to share with you a series of videos which are inspiring. 2 of them will move you to tears and 1 will make you laugh for sure. I think that we all need to be uplifted at one point or

Hawk in the “city”

Amen for Instagram! I am pretty obsessed with Instagram… and had it not been for my strong need to tell the world it was snowing, I would never have caught this beautiful creature in my own

My First little Video Ever!

So on Thursday I got to watch Creative Live’s “Promoting your Studio with Showreels” Now I do want to say that my DSLR (big camera) does not have video making capabilities (Although

A Little of the White Stuff on this Lovely Friday :)

Well, its is FRIGID over here in Springfield and its flurrying (it is supposed to snow about 1 inch today). Here are some shots of that… and my cat. LOL Happy Friday <3

Working on New Things: Right Brain Business Plan

Ok, I messed up and didn’t blog last week because I was a bit overwhelmed trying to complete some projects. I also didn’t really feel like shooting anything so I just said to myself

2012: You’ve been soooo good to me! Holla! A year in review :D

The “year in review” post didn’t even come onto my radar until I started seeing a few “end of year” posts pop up on my Google Reader. I debated… meh I don’t

TGIF: Musical Madness! I am on Vacation and some Mana

LOL Yeah it is Friday! This is practically me every morning! I have a cup that says “Don’t ask until I’ve had my coffee” and its so true. Don’t TALK TO ME til

Married at Top of the Town! Katie and Hondo

It’s not everyday your best friend gets married. I have known Katie and Hondo for a verrry long time (You can read about it here because I did their Engagement session ) I was not their

In Memory of a Great Musician and Friend

Facebook is not the way I like to learn of people’s deaths. EVER. I am so mad at social media but so grateful for it at the same time because at least I do find out. In the last two years I

TGIF: Musical Madness! Metallica: Until it Sleeps S&M

Well hello again! I am pleased to bring you another installment of TGIF: Musical Madness! This week I bring to you some Metallica (one of my favorite bands!!). I secretly tell myself that I could

Thank you :)

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Fans, I am writing to you because I want to say thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. REALLY! I am amazed, honored and grateful for your support. This year

I am on TV!!!! Anna Bruce on Arlington Independent Media

What? That’s right, I was interviewed by AdiVideoPro for one of their “Behind the Lens” Documentaries. I feel so honored that I was asked by a friend of mine if I would be

We Went to England! Day 3, Part 1: Emily’s Wedding

I had to divide this post in half because there were so many great photos to chose from on this day and I didn’t want to skip on any of the great details. Emily is a really good friend of


One of the things I love about having the four seasons is being able to see mother nature transition for each one of them. Growing up in a warm country with no seasons, this is definitely a treat for

Food Blog! OMG Yum!

I am sitting here thinking to myself “oh man… what did I just do?” I just started ANOTHER blog called OMG Yum! to talk about my foodie endeavors. My Instagram and Facebook are

Dalende Author or (Mom :D) and a Giveaway

Normally, parents are the ones who say they are so proud of their kids. I know my Mom (and Dad) are proud of both me and my brother but today I want to tell you about how PROUD I am of my Mommy (and

TGIF: Musical Madness! A little Lord of the Rings and such

Lord of the Rings is for sure one of my favorite Trilogies, especially the massively extended version. Nothing says relaxing, cozy weekend to me more than sitting in my cozy basement, on our day bed,