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TGIF: Musical Madness!

Hello Friday! Here you are again! Man, I can’t believe how fast this week has gone. It’s no secret that I love Britney so this week’s song features Ms. Spears I love it, its catchy

TGIF: Musical Madness! Dragonette

I am back in the office today after a much needed 2 days off! Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day Here is a little “untz” to help you celebrate this lovely

TGIF: Musical Madness! Americano

This week’s TGIF song is brought to you by none other than Lady Gaga! It’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s “sing out loud in your car” awesome! Happy Friday!

TGIF: The Lonely Island

LOL! I just love this video! I know its old but yeah LMAO! The first time I saw it I was like … Is this real? Is that REALLY Michael Bolton? This isn’t a spoof? But no it was legit LOL.

TGIF: Musical Madness! Under the Sea

Today, I thought I would share with you one song from one of my favorite movies as a kid The Little Mermaid! I was so obsessed with this movie as a little girl. I remember wanting the Little Mermaid

TGIF: Musical Madness! 2NE1

Wellllllllllll helllllloooooo 2013! It’s my first TGIF of the year and what better way to start it than with a song where I have no clue what they are saying? LOL. Yeah… well, I love how

TGIF: Musical Madness! I am on Vacation and some Mana

LOL Yeah it is Friday! This is practically me every morning! I have a cup that says “Don’t ask until I’ve had my coffee” and its so true. Don’t TALK TO ME til

TGIF: Musical Madness! Duck Sauce

“Barbara Streisand” is perhaps one of the catchiest house songs on my playlist. I mean seriously, Barbara Streisand? LOL Last week I was pondering about what to TGIF about (as I seem

TGIF: Musical Madness! Metallica: Until it Sleeps S&M

Well hello again! I am pleased to bring you another installment of TGIF: Musical Madness! This week I bring to you some Metallica (one of my favorite bands!!). I secretly tell myself that I could

TGIF: Musical Madness! Live: Run to the Water

Okay I love Live! They are one of my favorite bands and their CD The Distance to Here is my favorite! So here is Track 4, “Run to the Water”, from their album. Enjoy! <3 Live

TGIF: Musical Madness! More Dubstep! :)

Okay I know there are some Dubstep haters out there and that’s okay because everyone has their own right to music taste (I happen to <3 Dubstep no matter how horrible it may sound to just

TGIF: Musical Madness! The Octopus

I was driving home from an incredible dinner with Liz and Quynh when “We don’t take no sh*t” came on my iPod. Okay this is one of those catchy songs that is totally rad (it also

TGIF: Musical Madness! Tiesto & Mark Knight Ft. Dino – Beautiful World

Hello fellow fans! It’s Friday again! Can I get a hurraaaayy!? For this week’s TGIF I have chosen Tiesto and Mark Knight Ft. Dino’s “Beautiful World”. I realized last

TGIF: Musical Madness! A little Lord of the Rings and such

Lord of the Rings is for sure one of my favorite Trilogies, especially the massively extended version. Nothing says relaxing, cozy weekend to me more than sitting in my cozy basement, on our day bed,

TGIF: Musical Madness! Kaskade & Skrillex

You know it! It’s Friday! Here I am with another installment of TGIF! Today I am just posting one song but its a good one to get the weekend started with some shooting (picture taking LOL)

TGIF: Musical Madness! Katie this One’s for You :)

So my best friend is getting married tomorrow and I can’t wait! Our story goes back to my 10th grade and her 9th grade! Tomorrow she is marrying her high school sweetheart Hondo and I am so

TGIF: Musical Madness! See you on September 10th!

Well folks… I am sad to say this is my last blog post til September 10th. Adam and I are taking a very much needed break from life to go see the sites and sounds of a totally cool place…

TGIF: Musical Madness! Closing Ceremony Inspired

Well, I am so sad that the Olympics are over. It’s back to work upstairs in the office. I cleared out my temporary desk of two weeks (dining table) and moved back upstairs to my semi-decorated

TGIF: Juanes “Que Pasa”

En serio gente… que pasa con este mundo? While I have really enjoyed spending the last two weeks watching the Olympics, it has not come without its negative moments. I don’t watch the

TGIF: Musical Madness! A whole lot of editing music….

Well, its been one of those weeks… where I have stared at my computer screen almost non-stop for about 10-12 hours a day. I set up shop on my dining table to enjoy the Olympics and decided not

TGIF: Musical Madness! Tiesto vs. Metallica vs. Britney Spears

As I was driving down to North Carolina I was trying to think of this week’s blog entry for TGIF. I wanted to do something appropriate for the trip… So let me tell you how this post came

TGIF: Musical Madness! Santigold – “L.E.S Artistes”

I like this song… I’ve heard it remixed into DJ mixes before and loved it. I came across it while listening to the “Dragonette” Radio station on Pandora. Itunes is getting a

TGIF: Musical Madness! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “O’Children”

This one is for my Harry Potter fans So, I am not really a die hard fan of Harry Potter but I really enjoyed all the movies (minus the ending of the last one…). The Harry Potter series are

TGIF: Musical Madness! …aaaand we’re off on a road trip!

Well good morning! As you read this Liz and I are getting ready to shoot a wedding at Wisp Resort in MD. I thought I would theme this week’s TGIF to something “Liz and Anna”

TGIF: Musical Madness! Music Fit to Seek, Destroy and Renovate

RAWWWRRR! Ok I just had to get that out. Before I start please be ADVISED that the following tunes are NOT PG-13, they are LOUD, potentially ANNOYING and most likely NOT WORK APPROPRIATE. If you are

TGIF: Musical Madness! Tiesto ft. Christian Burns – “In the Dark”

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man. Where do I possibly begin??? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG! I fell in love with this song when Adam and I went to go see Tiesto for the very first time in

TGIF: Musical Madness!

It’s Friday! Again! Wow how the week flies! This week on TGIF we have Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”.  Mom and dad, if you are reading this one is for you I was very, very young

TGIF: Musical Madness, Dance, Dance, What? Dance Central Baby!

So I love music, that may (or may not haha) be apparent by now On Thanksgiving break this past year I was introduced to Dance Central 2 by no other than my super cool big brother and his super

Awesome Monthly Wedding Topic! TGIF Wedding Musical Madness

Lucky for me June 1st fell on a Friday so while trying to figure out this month’s topic I came up with the brilliant idea of combining it with the TGIF: Musical Madness series! So, I am going

TGIF: Musical Madness, Virginia Beach Edition

In honor of being so very fortunate to second shoot a wedding for the amazing Liz Maryann AND having an engagement session at Virginia Beach I am sharing a couple songs that make me think of SUMMER

TGIF: Musical Madness!

Hello! I have been debating for a while to write a post on music because it is such a huge influence to who I am and how I function as a person. I realized while starting to put together that music