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DC Cherry Blossoms

This post, along with many others is past due (by many, many months). I continue to go to places and take photos but I am seriously sucking at editing; folders keep piling up on my desktop and my

Reach for the Stars

We just got back from an amazing weekend at Lake Anna. It was my first time in a tent in over 20 years… yeah, I am not a real outdoorsy kinda gal. Anyways, I am told that we “car

Blowing Rock, NC

Last summer, my parents and I went to Blowing Rock, NC. It was so incredibly beautiful – a photographer’s paradise. I always feel bad for anyone who tags along with me when I have my camera. I really


With the Polar Vortex coming and going I seriously long to go back to the beach. Over New Year’s Adam and I were very fortunate to go to Cancun, we traveled with his parents and had an amazing

Chicago, you were so fun!

As I sit here thinking about my trip to Chicago in July, I realize that I have 3 weddings left to photograph in my wedding career! 3! How crazy is that? I have been photographing weddings since 2007

In Chicago

I finally have internet access… I have been wanting to post a little something about my trip now for a few days but couldn’t! I come back in a few days but til then check out this

A Stroll in Washington D.C.

It was so nice when Adam and I decided to take an impromptu trip into Washington D.C. a couple weekends back. Since we live about 30 minutes outside the city we actually never go… You know,

We Went to England! Day 7: Warner Bros. Harry Potter Tour London

This was a super fun tour! It was mind blowing and totally unbelievable to be able to walk through the different sets of Harry Potter and see all (and I mean ALL) the props from each movie. We were

A Walk in the Park: Jones Point Park

So, I am super sad to say that it has been almost two weeks since I blogged something on here and I feel super guilty about it. Sowwyyyy :'( The cool thing is that I am excited to show you some

We Went to England! Day 6: A Stroll Around London (Shopping Style)

So I skipped day 5 because that was the day we traveled from Appledore to London and it was all train and no photos. We were so wiped when we arrived. The cool thing about where we stayed (Cartwright

We Went to England! Day 4: Last Day in Appledore :(

Our last day in Appledore was a bittersweet one During the first part of the day we went back to where Emily and Rodney had gotten married (his grandfather’s home/farm) because they invited us

We Went to England! Day 3 Part 2: Emily’s Wedding

Laaaame! It has been WAY too long since my last England post! I have been so busy working on my new brand and finishing other projects that I let this one kinda fall off my plate. Well, today I just

2012: You’ve been soooo good to me! Holla! A year in review :D

The “year in review” post didn’t even come onto my radar until I started seeing a few “end of year” posts pop up on my Google Reader. I debated… meh I don’t

We Went to England! Day 3, Part 1: Emily’s Wedding

I had to divide this post in half because there were so many great photos to chose from on this day and I didn’t want to skip on any of the great details. Emily is a really good friend of

We Went to England! Day 2: 1st Night in Appledore

When we first pulled up into Appledore we felt like we had just arrived in a scene from the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie (where the Pearl was on sand in Davy Jone’s Locker). There were

We Went to England! Day 1: Stonehenge :)

I cannot begin to tell you how magical our trip to England was. We were blessed to take 9 days of vacation in this incredible country. Planning the trip was so surreal because it had not sunk in til

Did you miss me?

I am not “officially” back until tomorrow but since we’ve been up since 4:30am I decided to catch up on some stuff and work on a little preview blog of our trip. Adam and I just got

TGIF: Musical Madness! See you on September 10th!

Well folks… I am sad to say this is my last blog post til September 10th. Adam and I are taking a very much needed break from life to go see the sites and sounds of a totally cool place…

Back to the Place with Incredible Sunsets…North Carolina

I know that just about every place has amazing sunsets but where I live in Northern Virginia, you can barely see them. One of the things that I love about my parents’ home down here is that

Only me…in Washington D.C.

This would only happen to me on the ONE day I choose to go into Washington D.C… don’t worry though its not a bad thing Ps… I broke my most important rule of blogging… the

Midnight in Washington D.C.

What was I doing in Washington D.C. at midnight??? … good question… Hopefully I can share the reason why soon! On another note… I like visiting the monuments in Washington D.C.

Friends and Family

Que linda amistad (What a beautiful friendship).  Gigi and I have known each other since we were about her daughter’s age (around 3). We met at L.E.A.P School in Caracas, Venezuela and would

Another Beautiful Sunset

I took this the last night I spent in North Carolina. So gorgeous <3 Enjoy

North Carolina Skies

There is nothing quite like looking up at a beautiful sky. Seriously. Planet Earth has the most amazing sunsets, sun rises, clouds and weather phenomenons imaginable. Every passing second the sky is

We Went to Mexico! Day 8: Back Home to VA…

I am so incredibly sad that this will be the last post of my Mexico vacation… It’s been nice to share with you my vacation to the beautiful and sunny Nuevo Vallarta… but alas all

We Went to Mexico! Day 7: Last Day Before the Last Day :'(

January 1st was our last full day in paradise… and it makes me sad to say that there will be only one more Mexico post after this and it is not nearly as awesome… By the last day of our

We Went to Mexico! Day 6: Happy New Year!

You are going to get a little bonus on this post We visited Le Kliff Restaurant for our New Year’s Eve Dinner. For those who don’t know this,  Adam and I got married at Le Kliff

We Went to Mexico! Day 5: A Lovely Evening Walk to Bucerias

It was a perfect evening for a walk along the beach. It was breezy and a bit on the cooler side which made it refreshing because the walk to Bucerias was about 30 minutes (45 if you count me making

We Went to Mexico! Day 4: Pipi’s!

We had made plans to visit Vista Grill for dinner, but a wave of low clouds set in. I have never been to Vista Grill, but from what Adam’s parents tell me it is at a high elevation with a

We Went to Mexico! Day 3: A Walk on the Beach and a Stroll Around Town

I am not really into going to a gym or into the concept of “exercising” and much less on vacation. It’s like a big no-no to me but my husband and his parents use the gym and

We Went to Mexico! Day 2: Chillin’ at the Hotel

This is a short blog post. We spent most of the day enjoying the sun and ocean at the hotel and at night we went to Bucerias for dinner at Adriatico  (which I didn’t take photos of).  Adriatico

We Went to Mexico! Day 1

Finally! A “legit” vacation as I seemed to call it the whole way there. Let me explain. What I mean by “Legit” is no access to work, your phone, Facebook, contains a nice

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! My husband and I were very blessed in 2011 and can’t wait to see what awesome things 2012 has in store for us!  We got to spend New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A Year in the Making

On December 15th 2010 I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job to become a full time photographer. I started a photography business with a partner called Shuttergize, which turned out to be

National Harbor

One of my favorite places to photograph.

It’s Back to Work!

I hope you had a wonderfully fabulous Thanksgiving this weekend! I could not believe how AMAZING the weather was in North Carolina! I had the best time with my family. Leela, Stealth, Adam and I